The planet Earth

The Earth is a planet of Solar Sistem, is a civilized planet, and is where one of many Nordic embryos have developed...

The civility who lived for several thousand years and continues to live on this planet is usually called "Humans",  during the 3rd intergalactic meeting of IMAC, the humans have chosen the name "Petrol Civility", although many humans disagreed because of their honor.

The planetEdit

The planet is a H2O-based planet, have two big oceans which together cover the 71% of the surface.

Earth formed more or less 4.543 bilion years ago, and life appeared on its surface within its first billion years.

The Earth have a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere with a blue color, exactly 77% nitrogen, 20% oxygen and 2% carbon dioxide, with trace amounts of water vapor, and other  molecules.

Life on the Earth is based on carbon, every form of life on the Earth have carbon-based organic molecules, but the recent changes in its atmosphere are changing the behavior of organic tissues, to make them adapt to the higher quantities of CO2.

Earth have 1.2 million species of organisms classified, of which 0.6 milion have gone extinct after the twentieth century, mainly due to the sudden industrial expansion.


  • It's the home planet of Senso.
  • It's the 37th best planet of the Milky Way according to MBPG Awards.
  • It's one of the most populated planets within 100 light years.
  • It's one of the last planets that developed an advanced civilization into the Milky Way since many years.
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