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Lucy is the vice-captain of DTA, and the official girlfriend of Senso, she was probably born on the Earth, and she collaborated to save the galaxy from Desert.

«He keep saying that if wasn't for me anything would be the same, I can say the same thing for him!»
(Lucy, talking about Senso)


She lost her memories like every other soldier on DTA, and she said almost anything about her private life.

She was been captured by DTA with Fushiko, Yuki and Senso, which have been assigned to the Air team, but unfortunately Lucy have been assigned to Ground team, for this reason she always been far from her old friends, and didn't recovered her relationships. She was the only female on the Ground team, and she has always been considered the most useless soldier of the team, although she was one of the best in combat.

She managed to reach Level III, during her service on the Ternion, but she was suddenly moved to the colony on Atanaki planet, she fighted for 15 days, but after, she started to refuse Desert and her team's orders, because she understood what was their real plans, for this reason she ran away from the DTA's base, and she reached the nearest town, where she slept outside for two nights, crying for what her captain have made to this population. She was found by the town's king, which listened her story, and decided to "adopt" her as his daughter, he teached her love, compassion and forgiveness. One day Desert landed on Atanaki, and kidnapped one of the king's daughters, Senso and his team was following Desert, and they came to the king's castel, where they found Lucy, they was like strangers, but she decided to follow them, to help to save her "sister".

They managed to save the king's daughter, but Desert was escaped, Lucy, which shares the hate for Desert, decided to follow them, and, during her journey, fell in love with Senso, and tryed to teach him feelings, he reciprocated love without knowing, but he never shown it, because no one never teached him what really love is. She thought he wasn't interested, but she never surrended and always tryed to make Senso get infatuated with her.

«In the beginning he was like a stone, DTA removed everything he knew about feelings...»
(Lucy, during an interview)

Her career as soldier at the DTA has been relatively short, in fact, after the defeat of Desert, she became the vice-captain of the DTA at Level III, the first in the history of DTA.


Because of his great service to the galaxy, many authorities have given her considerable gifts:

  • Intergalactic calendar have a day on her honor, the 315th, Lucy's day.
  • She won twice the competition for "Prettiest hero of the year".
  • She's the heir to the throne of Atanaki planet.
  • Many small medals and trophies.


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