Nangam system
A photo of Nangam system
Observation data
Spectral class A1V/M2V/G0V/G1V
Distance 79.752 ly
Abs. magnitude 1.32 MV
Mass 1.756/1.654/0.858/0.782 M⊙
Diameter 1.261/12.538/1.369/1.290 D⊙
Luminosity 7.545/6.776/1.978/1.619 L⊙
Age 4,172 bilion years

Nangam system is a system 79,752 light years away from the Sun, that have 4 stars and 21 planets, the stars are grouped in groups of 2, with the very large red dwarf Omega Nangam and the white star Gamma Nangam, and two very similar yellow dwarfs, Alpha Nangam and Beta Nangam.


A diagram of the Nangam's stars orbit

Planets Edit

The sistem have 21 planets plus many moons and two asteroid belts, most important are:

Kappa Nangam Edit

This is the planet that the governor of Erimus gifted to Senso.


Kappa Nangam and it's parent planet, Lambda Nangam.

Zoi Nangam Edit

The planet where the civilization of Whites lives, it have a very nice moon which might be terraformed in a near future.


Zoi Nangam with it's moon, Mikro Nangam.

Sintrofos Nangam Edit

One of the largest known gas giants, it have 2 times the radius of Jupiter but it have a very low density, making it a very odd planet.


Sintrofos Nangam

All planets Edit

Here the list of all the planets of the System:

  • Gamma Nangam
    • Froura Nangam
    • Eremitis Nangam
    • Zeta Nangam
    • Theta Nangam
    • Rho Nangam
  • Omega Nangam
    • Epsilon Nangam
    • Zoi Nangam (Super-Earth planet with life)
    • Sintrofos Nangam (One of the largest known planets)
    • Moniris Nangam
  • Beta Nangam
    • Kyndynos Nangam
    • Apolus Nangam
    • Ni Nangam
    • Labda Nangam (Parent planet of Senso's planet: Kappa Nangam)
    • Pi Nangam
    • Psi Nangam
  • Alpha Nangam
    • Thanatos Nangam
    • Fos Nangam
    • Eta Nangam
    • Sigma Nangam
    • Delta Nangam (third planet with life in the same system)
    • Mi Nangam

Gallery Edit

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