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The wiki of the Saigo No Hoshi's universe.

Important notesEdit

  • This wiki may contains spoilers, for who didn't played the alpha (or you didn't managed to finish it, which is very likely), you will read all things that will happen after Saigo No Hoshi's story (plus things that happens during the game or even before), so you could understand the ending of the game and so spoiler it...
  • Many images are taken from Space Engine, which I used for some Saigo No Hoshi's videos too, all credits of every space image/footage goes to Vladimir Romanyuk'.'
  • You don't know Saigo No Hoshi yet? (which is very likely too) Don't worry, you will discover the Saigo No Hoshi's universe thought this Wiki! Then you can still download the alpha (I don't suggest you to do that, it's very buggy, and a bit oudated, we will relase an HD version one day).
  • Why we made a wiki? Because it's a fictional universe, we know the story of Saigo No Hoshi, and we would like to share it with you, and, who know, someday you could try a very nice game too!

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