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Senso is the actual capitain of DTA and of Ternion spaceship, was probably born on the Earth, he saved the galaxy from Desert, the ex-capitain of DTA, and killed him in a furious battle on the Earth, with the help of his companions.

«I can't believe it, all happened so fast, I thought Desert would kill me sooner or later, but now, I'm so glad I'm alive...»
(Senso, during a interview)


He lost his memories during his service to the DTA, now he should have them recovered, but despite this, he won't reveal it to anyone for privacy reasons.

He was been captured by DTA togheter with Fushiko, Yuki and Lucy, they managed to write their names on their hands, but Senso didn't, the name "Senso" was choosen by his team because simply means "war" in a language spoken on Earth. In the beginning of their careers, Fushiko, Yuki and Senso, have been assigned to the Air team, while Lucy have been assigned to Ground team, this way Lucy didn't managed to recover the relationships with her friends, and she always been alone.

Senso, during his service to the DTA, accidentally taken the IRMP Virus, like Desert, but without knowing.

He reached Level V, but immediately after, he started to oppose to the DTA's capitain, Desert, because he understood that his capitain's real plan was to take control of the entire galaxy, for this reason he ran away from the Ternion. He became an enemy of Desert, and he met Lucy (his actual girlfriend) on a planet near Eagle nebula, she started to rebel 37 days before, because like him, she understood that was not worth keep following Desert and his plans.

Even if he had the IRMP, he was able to control his mind and keep fighting for the good of the galaxy and its inhabitants, unlike Desert, that with all that power, completely lost his wisdom.

«Before the Desert's defeat I began to think that I was fighting for revenge, but when I regained control of my mind I undestood what I was really fighting for...»
(Senso, during a speech)

His career as soldier at the DTA has been relatively short, in fact, after the defeat of Desert, he became the captain of the DTA, even if he was a Level V.


Because of his great service to the galaxy, many authorities have given him considerable gifts:

  • A planet called Kappa into Nangam system.
  • He became the official hero of 859 938 th intergalactic year.
  • 2 bilion credits, mainly for the DTA and the construction of a fixed main base, the DTA used many of them to help the people on the economically collapsing planets.
  • Many small medals and trophies.

Some people believe that he received others gifts, but he rejected them because they was "too much exaggerated".

«Anyone in my same situation could have done the same things.»
(From a letter of Senso to the President of the Republic of the United States of America, on planet Earth)


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